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City on a horse or horse race in the garden

August 11, 2004 in the garden restaurant Garden on Prospekt Mira, was bright and exquisite artistic presentation of the project CITY on a horse or horse race in the garden. The project brought together well-known architects in Moscow, horse lovers and connoisseurs of fine: 15 figures of horses have been transformed by the leading architects in Moscow, which has made each of them, without exaggeration, a work of art. The project is part of race-project company Sportima, Nasibov Jockey Club and Architectural Thursdays Moscow Architectural Society with the participation of young architects and artists center Children of Mary. As described Victoria Voskanyan, project director of the company Sportima - main pridumschik and the inspirer of Skachek, a model for the execution of the first horse, which later became a form for the manufacture of glass, served as a purebred English racehorse, has impeccable pedigree and proportions.

Authors: Stanislav Kulish, Vadim Lipatov, Alexander Krause, Ekaterina Petrova, Teterkin Yuri.


Painted egg - the traditional Russian souvenir. All Christians decorate their homes and tables with painted Easter eggs. This idea was inspired by Carl Faberge to create precious Easter eggs, which later became a famous symbol of Russia. This image symbolizes the beginning of life and integrity. Eggplant so naturally harmonious, that based on it is possible to create absolutely any design.

Publishing House "Salon News" magazine Salon-Interior and the legendary magazine about design Domus suggested Russia's best architects and designers to combine the traditional form of the legendary Russian souvenirs and contemporary design, creating a new artistic image of the Easter eggs.



Author Stanislav Kulish, Vadim Lipatov, Pavel Sipkin












Author Anna Karpova
































Author Dmitry Kulish




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