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Laboratory for Virtual Architecture, established in 1992, over seventeen years conducting research in the field of architecture, examining the concept of VIRTUAL in accordance with the translation, to Russian means "in fact", "effective" creative method to resist occurred in recent years of global expansion and formative stylistic dogma. By the above is any solution of architectural problems to create a living environment with the use of artificial yardsticks and patterns that simulate the aesthetic and elements of a constructive function spaces, as well as ideas of submission result. One of the fundamental principles of creative Virtual architecture is the maximum physical manifestation of the feeling of time and space. Presented in on the site reflect the development of work claimed in the name of the workshop conceptual idea and its transformation through the prism of time. The architecture has a significant psychological impact on the emotional state of a person on a subconscious level and the extent and magnitude of this impact study in the Laboratory of virtual architecture. Every new job - is an experiment designe to prove (or disprove?, Because negative results in science is also the result of) the inevitability of conflict, stagnation, clinging to the familiar symbols of prosperity and success, creating and rapidly evolving environment. The formed abyss sooner or later, according to research conducted destroy formed foundations. And because of all the laws of being "nothing does not disappear, and did not arise out of nothing" in place of the vacuum formed with a furious speed rush the basic idea of organizing a new environment and as gaseous substance filling all the space allotted to it. It should be noted that all results obtained so far show promise held in the Research Laboratory evidence forming the basis of theoretical reasoning. Having a good experimental base and a high technical capacity of laboratory staff regularly uses new and creative ideas into practice, as evidenced by the submissions made on the orders of the companies and individuals to support the ideological foundations of the Virtual architecture, and thus confidently looking to the future.















Virtual architecture



The use of past styles for aesthetic purposes
in new construction leads to disastrous consequences.
The introduction of styles such can not
be tolerated in any form.

Le Corbusier, Latin Charter

Virtual - (engl.) actual, valid,effective

At the dawn of the new millennium and ... new conflict. The conflict of global proportions. The conflict between reason and rights surrounding them is established, living space. Flows of information are compressed to the limit and learn them in an artificially slow medium becomes impossible. Information reality of the world leaves no other path of development than following the laws established by the Information continuum.

History develops in a spiral. The appearance of each style in architecture is a direct consequence of the onset of new stages in the development of human society and the result follows this transformation of its existing concepts of habitat. Each surge is usually always preceded by a sufficiently long period characterized by the absence of rod-style direction, during which the architectural environment filled with the surrogate art claim to originality, sometimes bringing to an absurd idea, inherent in the postulates of each style. Today, the world of Architecture stays in that state. Develops many of its areas of potential development, but none of them possesses the integrity, which is necessary for the formation of "mainstream".

The new consciousness creates a fundamentally new approaches to the organization of architectural space. Virtual world and its realities completely destroyed the traditional views on architecture, thus creating the preconditions for the formation of a new style based on the transformation of existing views through the prism of virtual organization environment. The future architecture of the newest technology of space and other areas have only a shadowy chances of survival. They will remain as monuments of the Consciousness of the past, the virtual world, which is irrevocably fully engulfed him. The new consciousness requires an external manifestation of this hyper-real fantasy world, and this first step should be done by the architect.

















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