Architect of the week on RUSSIAN CREATIVE WEEK 2022 – LABVA PRO

  The Russian Creative Week 2022 has come to an end. A few months of preparation, four days for installation, four days of weather testing. But despite all the difficulties, the efforts of the festival team made its successful operation possible during all the allotted days. Hundreds of speakers, thousands of visitors and participants in the sessions, the relevance of the raised issues in the framework of discussions affecting all sides of the creative areas of the application of creative thoughts.

  The concept of the design is the association of creative industries with a giant brain, which by neural connections clings to one another and forms a single concept related to the creativity of society and the state, which is tuned to the development of high technologies, to create special new elements in familiar industries. And all this is created at the intersection points of several industries, by analogy with discoveries in science, which are very often made in border areas. That is, synergy gives a qualitative result.

  All pavilions are connected to each other. In the literal sense, they are connected by special metal cables that go from pavilion to pavilion and thereby demonstrate the movement of intellectual energy along these networks from one industry to another.

  LABVA PRO express special gratitude for participation in the development and preparation of the project to Natalia Samoilova, Anna Karpova and Vladimir Ermolov.