Apartment on Kastanaevskaya street

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anastasia Alekseeva

stage: commissioned

year: 2011

area: 202 m2


The total square footage of the apartment was the result of combining two squares located on the same stairwell. The main idea of the interior, proposed by Anna Karpova and Dmitry Kulish— is the use of bright architectural forms, a system of podiums, three-dimensional solutions and accent light.

When designing, the architects used the technique of extended space. The entire area is divided into volumes - zones flowing into one another, where the boundaries are conditionally marked. In one case, it is an undulating wall, in another - a partition with frosted glass and lighting, in the third - a sofa group.

The dining room with a large round table, a spherical lamp and white armchairs in the minimalist style make you think of the art Deco of the thirties. Decorative wall decoration extends further into the private part, being dominant in the interior and combining both parts of the apartment.

When designing the space, the authors used materials in a monochrome color scheme with an unusual texture: variegated black-and-white marble with gloss, frosted glass, white leather. A specially selected pattern of marble floors harmonizes with a modern kitchen made of metal and lacquered surfaces. The line of movement in space is indicated by accent light: glowing glass partitions, ceiling spotlights-dotted lines, illumination of stone podiums The minimalistic look of the interior is softened by natural wood: a wall of oak slats that changes its shape depending on the angle of view, a dark floorboard, a decorative canopy with a rounded ceiling in the bedroom area.

Used materials: