LVA interior

Тhе bureau was created in 2001 as ап independent branch of the head company, Lab of Virtual Architecture, which was founded Ьу the architects Stanislav Kulish and Vadim Li patov in 1992. Over years of productive work more than 150 different pur­posed interiors have Ьееп implemented. Тhese include projects such as а private apartments, cottages, offic es, boutiques, casinos, hotels and exhibition1s spac es. Тhе majority of these projects were realized in Moscow as well as other Russian regions, coinciding with work Lab о! Vitual Architecture has been doing abroad. Тhе com­pany's directors Anna Karpova and Dmitriy Kulish are the winners and nominees of nu­merous competitions and exhiЬitions, and projects carried out under their supervision, won prestigious architectural and interior design awards.