Country sports club "PRIDE WELLNESS" in the village "Zhukovka XXI"

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anton Semikin

stage: commissioned

year: 2008

area: 7000 m2


The building was built as a sports center, but at the request of the surrounding residents, it was decided to give it additional functions. Country life does not carry much variety, and there was a need for a place where you can spend time, not only doing sports, but also having a conversation, dinner, a cup of coffee and where you can leave the child under supervision.

These wishes, in addition to the functional development of the premises, were perceived by the authors of the interior as a signal to create a club in its original sense, a club as a home for a community of people. The cozy atmosphere of the public space is created by the color scheme, decided in warm tones, decorative large chandeliers added to the ceiling lighting, bright accents of colored and mosaic decoration of columns, as well as areas with upholstered furniture scattered throughout its area.

The club is located in a picturesque landscape and, thanks to the abundance of glass and open terraces, is oriented towards the opening landscape. In addition to natural materials, modern innovative materials and technologies are used in the decoration. An important role is played by LED lighting with the ability to program various color scenarios, which transforms the columns in the pool into iconic interior elements.

All this together does not shout about itself, but creates a harmonious ensemble with the architecture of the building.

Used materials: