Gallery with Audiences in the RUSSIAN DESIGN DISTRICT

Moscow, Vatytinki

Author's team:

Anna Karpova

Varvara Istratova

Maria Svetlova

Anton Tebnev

design stage: concept

year: 2022

total area: 566.8 sq.m.

    The gallery with lecture hall is a part of the Multifunctional Complex of the Russian Design District cluster in New Moscow. The gallery is located on the second floor of a two-light space and connects the audiences of the School of Design and Technology, restaurants and shopping areas. The most important elements of the project are the egg-shaped figures of different sizes, in which lecture halls, coworking, exhibition venues, master classes, or recreation are located. All rooms can be transformable. Each of the figures has a unique design using innovative fabric, glass, metal, aluminum elements, cables. The space is illuminated by individually manufactured lamps integrated into the ceiling.

Used materials: