Country house in the residential complex "Residence Rublevo"

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anton Semikin

stage: commissioned

year: 2016

area: 600 m2


A married couple with children purchased a ready-made house in an elite cottage settlement and applied to LVA Interior for a design project. Permanent residence outside the city shifts the focus when planning to create a large public area. The family spends a lot of time together, guests and relatives gather, so the first floor is given for these purposes. The second floor is traditionally private, there are master bedrooms and children's rooms on it. In the basement there is a recreation area with a home cinema, a spa area, a swimming pool and a small guest room.

The peculiarity of the layout of the building was an elongated volume, limited by load-bearing walls, so on the ground floor the authors decided to create a central place around which the kitchen, dining room and living room will be located. The fireplace became such an assembly point. According to the project, The fireplace became such an assembly point. According to the project, the fireplace was already located in the basement, it was duplicated in the same lines from above and one chimney was used.

An unusual solution of the authors of the project, Anna Karpova and Dmitry Kulish, was a partition in the corridor made of wooden elements with lighting. The author's design, which separates the staircase from the common space, is a set of elements. The broken lines of illumination continue on the ceiling in the living room, on the glass partition in the dining room and find echoes in the living room. The partition connects both floors, combining the space vertically.

Used materials: