Apartment in Golutvinsky lane


The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anton Semikin

stage: commissioned

year: 2015

area: 183 m2


In an elite residential complex, architects have created a family interior that is close to a country house in terms of decorative techniques and organization of space.

The apartment is clearly divided into two blocks: public and private. The hall is decorated with a golden marble portal and serves as the entrance to the living room combined with the dining room. The guest area is separated from the hall by an ebony partition. On the living room side there is a built-in fireplace, on the hallway side there are open shelves for storage.

The marble used for the partition wall cladding sets the tone of the interior color scheme. The authors extrapolate its beautiful golden color with various variations to other components of the interior, including wooden and textile details. The result is an interesting palette.A kind of quintessence of color and its materialized embodiment were two glass lamps in the form of peach-orange chrysanthemums. The projects created by Anna Karpova and Dmitry Kulish are usually complexly detailed, saturated with color and textures. But each time it is a new, non-repeating space created in collaboration with the customer for his preferences and lifestyle.

Used materials: