Apartment in the residential complex "Kvartal Leninsky"

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anton Semikin

stage: commissioned

year: 2015

area: 202 m2


Customers have lived in a classic interior for many years and saw the new apartment as dynamic and bright in a modern way. The task set before the architects was to create respectable housing, in which the collection of modern art collected by the owners should fit.

Considering the layout of the apartment with windows on two sides, the architects proposed to create an open layout of the public area due to the overflow of space and the use of glass partitions. The cabinet allocated in a glass cube is perceived as an extension of the space. The bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are separated from the public area and are a private part of the apartment. In the decoration of the premium interior, a whole arsenal of tools was used, the main of which was natural onyx and the texture of wood.The floors in the public space are lined with semi-precious stone, the pattern of which resembles a mountain river.The walls and columns in the interior are partially finished with oak panels with bronze embroidery. The warm texture of the wood and the horizontal layout of the panels contrast with the flowing rhythm of the stone pattern.

Linear lights on the ceiling echo the rhythm of the pylons, accompanying them along their entire length. The structure of pylons dominates the guest part of the apartment and extends its influence on the interior as a whole. In the bedroom, it manifests itself in the form of a modular decorative panel with flowers, in the study and bathroom - a uniform rhythm of shelves.

Abstract paintings and museum-level installations from the owners' collection became the decoration of the interior.

Used materials: