Apartment in Andreevsky Lane

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Varvara Istratova

stage: commissioned

year: 2019

area: 223 m2


  The project's customers wanted to see a modern, lightweight design in the apartment without strict elements. The architects, Dmitry Kulish and Varvara Istratova, used references to the classical style in the project, but in order to solve the task set for them, they made a single design of the entire space. The walls of the house were decorated with boiserie, decorative wooden panels. Their shape softens the geometry of the interior and enlivens the strict outlines of the furniture. And also adds to the apartment the aesthetics of the classic building in which it is located.

  The design of the house has a focus on objects and elements of the interior. This effect is obtained due to the non-standard height of the doors in the usual scale of the apartment. The architects tried to fill the space with air so that even small rooms look spacious. The floors of tinted oak, lined with a diamond-shaped pattern, also help in this.

  All around the perimeter of apartments are located author's works, paintings by artists from Italy, England and South Africa. The kitchen can also be considered a work of art in the project. It has become a central composition in the public space of the house. The work surfaces are hidden behind the doors of the storage system and the top of the island, they do not distract attention and perfectly harmonize with the living room, with which they share the total area. The kitchen set the tone and color scheme of the project. The reddish veins of marble and copper-green shades of the facade inspired the architects to a general, restrained palette of the interior. Blue shades were added to the bedroom, and local varieties of Carrara marble were used in the bathroom. The overall color of the concept was the gold accent details of the interior. The project was created in collaboration with Stile di Vita

Used materials: