Apartment in the Residential Complex "Residence Monet"

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

stage: commissioned

year: 2020

area: 220 m2

  The object of the new project was an apartment for a young married couple who permanently lives in a country house and wanted to arrange a place in case of short stops in Moscow.

  The apartment, with an area of 220 square meters, was originally stretched into a rectangle, and the ceiling height was 4.5 meters. This configuration distorts the proportions, the space of the rooms becomes like "wells". The ceilings were slightly lowered during the installation of the supply and exhaust ventilation system, and large lamps were added to the design. So the ceilings began to look more harmonious and lower.

  Before contacting our office, the customers worked with a well-known Italian architectural bureau. According to their project, the corridor zone completely covered the panorama of Moscow City, while customers wanted to enjoy the view from the windows as soon as they got into the house. Dmitry and Anna had to redesign the layout and get rid of the long corridor. He not only covered his favorite view, but also unsuccessfully connected the common area with the private one. The situation was helped to correct by high doors with a hidden box and massive Henge lamps.

   When discussing the design of the apartment, the couple expressed different preferences: minimalism and a soft version of Art Deco. It was necessary to harmoniously weave together two different styles, while getting an elegant apartment. The architects proposed soft minimalism for the main rooms, and for the private area there are few Art Deco elements: a mirror composition, fabric panels and unusual chandeliers from Cattelani & Smith.

  The living room and dining room were combined into an open space. The accent was a sea-green velvet sofa with a very deep seat from Edra, created specifically for this project, marble columns and paintings by German artists. The floor is finished with walnut board, panoramic windows are decorated with beige textiles. The authors of the project ordered the countertop for the Baxter table at the Antolini factory from the same marble that is used in the decoration of the kitchen island and bathroom.


Used materials: