Apartment in Khilkov lane

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

Anton Semikin

stage: commissioned

year: 2016

area: 293 m2


The owners of the apartment, located in the prestigious "Golden Mile" area of Moscow, wanted to see the room in a strict and calm style. The project involved combining two apartments into one space, which made it possible to make references to the motives of the palace style. A single silver-gray palette gave the interior a sound of respectable classics. The living room and kitchen were connected according to the enfilade principle. There are three zones in the living room: for communication and reading with Chesterfield sofas, for eating with a large table and for relaxing with a gas fireplace. The walls were decorated with ZONTA oak boiseries of a complex gray shade. Exclusively for this project, the factory's specialists have created a new varnish —light, not interrupting the texture of wood, but at the same time giving a rich deep tone.

The floors and doors in the public area are made of golden oak, thanks to this the room retains its rigor, but does not become gloomy. The entrance hall is decorated in a mirror image: milky beige boiseries and doors contrast with a black marble floor with white veins.

During the work, architects were faced with a common problem — a small ceiling height. The solution was a laconic stucco decor, a single tone and a choice of SAINT LoUIS lamps: ceremonial, with cascades of crystal, but commensurate in height.

Used materials: