Apartment in the business class residential complex "Sky Fort"

The author's team:

Dmitry Kulish

Anna Karpova

stage: commissioned

year: 2013

area: 120 m2


The owners of the apartment, career and scientific adults, having lived most of their lives in classic interiors, ventured to change the long-established way of life. The authors of the project proposed to create the appearance of a new apartment in a mixed style. The Scandinavian design was taken as a basis, which was supplemented with iconic pieces of furniture and light and carefully inscribed those pieces of furniture with which the owners refused to part.

The apartment is designed with an open plan with a large kitchen-living room. The working part of the kitchen is separated from the sofa group by a supporting column and is visually "sunk" into the space. Located in the center, it separates the entrance block from the residential area. The bedroom and study are isolated from the studio part.

The interior has a laconic design. A wide floorboard, neutral pastel shades of the walls, laconic decor and an accent panel made of gray-ash marble, whose pattern brings a natural beginning to the urban space, were used. But the appearance in this space of iconic objects of Italian design, first of all the famous Arco floor lamp by the Castione brothers, underlines the owners' commitment to the classical style. Bright interior accents are paintings by contemporary artists Konstantin Khudyakov and Kiki Fleming. The color palette is close to the natural environment, and the natural materials used in the interior create a light and airy interior. A glass dining table with legs made of transparent turquoise plates looks especially impressive against the background of beige walls and whitewashed floors made of artificially aged oak.

Used materials: